The Medina and Kasbah

If you have little time we advise you to take a guide. Strolling around the little alleys you will find all kinds of shops,teahouses and markets. To name a few interesting places there isThe Kasbah Museum (once the Tangier prison), The American Legation museum, the Petit Socco, Café Hafa and the food and fish market at the Grand Socco. If you are looking for special things like Jewelry,carpets or lamps we can give good recommendations which shops to go to.

A daytrip to Asilah

The warm and charming medina shows a big Andalusian influence. The city hosts an art festival every summer and there for many medina walls are colorfully painted by known and unknown artists all year round. You will find good fish restaurants and a very relaxed atmosphere. Chef Chaouen (120 km south/east) Chef Chaouen means “look at the peaks” and was originally built in the 15th Century as a fortress in the RIF mountains. The city has a nice big square with many medina alleys and is famous for its outstanding blue colours, from indigo to purple blue. It has a character of its own and definitely worth a visit!

Cap Spartel and the Hercules caves

For this tour a taxi or a car is needed, 14 km south/west. You will drive past the Royal Palace and the famous Parc Perdicaris with beautiful views over the Straits of Gibraltar and when the weather permits you will see Spain which is only 14 km north. The Hercules Caves got their name from the myth that Hercules separated Europe from Africa there. The caves are surrounded by many café’s where you can relax with a traditional mint tea and enjoy the beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean.

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What Guests Say About Kasbah Rose

Kasbah Rose welcomed us with warm smiles and chilled iced mint tea on the roof top overlooking the medina of Tanger. Our rooms filled with hidden treasure and clues to the owners lives in Morocco. A guest house, almost a home, right in the heart of history and hidden in the busy medina.
Victoria Ahlen, Spain
The most magnificent Bed and Breakfast I have ever stayed in while in the US or Abroad! The owner ensures of excellent service and hospitality pours into every intricate detail to ensure the travelers enjoy rest, strong wi-fi while surrounded by beautiful themes throughout the establishment of Moroccan/African culture.
Teresa Simpson, USA
“Great stay in the old medina.” A warm welcome with refreshments served on the terrace. Very good location at the entrance to the kasbah. Tastefully decorated, bright and great views over the city. Excellent breakfast with lots of choice.
Laoufir, UK