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Room 1 – Junior Suite

We call this suite our “Rose Room” because it has an old drawer, found at a flea market in Tangier, with hand painted roses and comes equipped with many soft rose looking pillows. The two chairs and the old mirror, in the room, were a gift from a friend who left Tangier. The posters show Tangier in the height of the 70s and the colourful Moroccan paintings above the bed were made by Saaid, an artist from Asilah. More, the bedside tables are made from old Moroccan tiles gathered from around Morocco. The red “zelige” tiles mixed with “Bezjmat” on the floor match the color of the “Tadlak” in the bathroom. Plus, the cozy balcony sits two and has a marvellous view.

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Room​ 2 – Double room

This room comes equipped with an old antique English chestnut desk with the matching chair, and a desk lamp with a Buddha sitting under it that has come from India. The coat rack is also English antique. The painting, the mirror, and the corner bedside tables give this room its own unique Moroccan ambience. Lastly, the bathroom has a colourful stone sink from the city of Fes and a big “Hammam” like shower.

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Room 3 – Junior suite

This is our very own collected, archival, and crafted African room. In fact, the mask above the bathroom door was brought from Liberia by the owner in 1970. All the other decorations are brought from South Africa, after many family visits over the last 30 years. The cushions and sofa covers are all from Mali. The bathroom walls are plastered with Tadlak and the sink is from a pottery in Fes. This room comes equipped with a balcony perfect for two with a view of the old city of Tanger.

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Room 4 – Twin / Double room

This room is your typical Moroccan experience that comes with a chest and wardrobe styled in a the traditional manner. Also, the three arches found in the room that are above and around the entrance door, the bathroom door, and the bed space were kept from the original state of the house, before the renovations of Kasbah Rose. In fact, the hanging corner bed tables were locally made by a craftsman of Tanger. The painting found in the room is Dutch and displays a snowy winter day out in the country of Holland, our home country. The bathroom has a “Hammam” like shower with the Moorish design, giving you the Moroccan experience.

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Room 5 – Junior suite with private terrace

This room is equipped with a save, wardrobe and private terras. This is the new-classic suite that comes with two framed maps of early Africa. You can find a beautiful Indian bedspread behind where the bed lies. The wooden-leader folding chair has an unknown background, however, the old Samsonite suitcase has been turned into a chair, or suitcase holder.

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